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Talking of 9Apps, it was released in 2013 as a third party app for Android apps. It allows users to download apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and themes for their Android smartphones and tablets. Today, it is being used in a lot of countries like Indonesia, China, Russia, India and Malaysia. According to the website’s official stats, there are around 25 million apps and games downloaded every day, and 9Apps boasts of a monthly user count of 250 million, and tens of thousands of users are switching over to 9Apps Games each passing day. Though the service is still quite young when compared to Google’s Play Store, but soon, it will become a direct competitor to the prominent app services and app stores.
Earlier, around 2012, the company had decided to launch two separate apps, one as an app store, while the other one as a video game store, respectively. The app market was supposed to be launched as 9Apps, whereas the video game service/market was supposed to be launched as 9Games. Though, in 2013, UCWeb decided to drop the idea for a gaming services app, and soon launched an app marketplace, known as 9Apps Store (as we know it today).

Thus, this is how Install 9Apps came into existence, and since then it has been one of the most relied upon websites (and apps) for downloading Android apps. It has some of the greatest features ever found on an app market, which even includes free apps and games. People often ask that is 9Aps and the apps available on 9 Apps 2017 Latest Version free from viruses? The answer is yes, it is 100% free from any malicious content like viruses and malwares. Another proof for that is, had it been full of virus laden apps and games, people would have discarded it long ago. But the growing user-count tells us that millions of people rely on 9Apps and love to use it.

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